The New Ultimate Playbook


In the figures, the offensive team is moving from left to right. The dashed lines indicate cuts, and the dotted lines indicate throws. General offensive players are denoted by "o" and defensive players are denoted by "x".

Offensive Schemes

Offensive Plays


If you would like to print the plays, you can find them all on one page ... one web page, that is. (When I printed them out, I was able to make a 16 page booklet using 4 pieces of paper.)

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This site is a work in progress, and should be updated as anecdotal evidence mounts.
Feel free to contact Michael for any questions on the offense. Please contact Athan for any questions about the defense or corrections that need to be made.

If you're interested in more defensive sets and a simpler, more traditional offense you might want to try viewing Athan's older playbook. It's aimed at the beginner to intermediate player.